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College Saving and Sponsorship, Mortgage Life, Estate Planning, Future income Guarantees, Final Expense Life, Children Life.

Business Insurance, Buy and Sell agreements, Trusts, Keyman , split dollar.

At Jon D. Michael  insurance licensed in Florida,  Michigan and Ohio. 

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Simply ask this agent to add a return of premium rider so you get your money back. 

A return of premium rider continues your coverage even if you loose your job or have a critical illness, like cancer, heart attack, or stroke. You can get a terminal benefit that will help with nursing home costs and a disability income rider to pay your premiums. 

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Midland National Life Insurance Company

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Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Nursing Home Insurance, Medicare Supplement,

Disability Insurance, Estate Planning, Health Insurance,

Group Insurance, Mortgage Senior, Americo Life,

Final Expense, Permanent, Annuity, Index, Am Best A Rating

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Mutual 0f Omaha

Thrivent Medicare Plans

Aetna Insurance Company

       Fine the best medicare plans.   You can check on coverage 365 days a year.  

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Life Insurance, Nursing Home, Medicare Supplement,

Disability Income, Estate Planning, Health Insurance,

Group Insurance, Annuities, Index, Mortgage, Senior Life and Health,

Final Expense, Cash Value, Am Best A Rating